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NEW Bike Package in Rhodopes Mountain - Velingrad and Sofia

It includes:

+ 3 nights in the number 1 spa resort in Bulgaria - Velingrad:
   Hotel Elbrus or Hotel Aura – Full board + SPA
+ 3 nights in SOFIA: Hotel ASTORIA, or Hotel BRISTOL – BB+Lunch+SPA
+ 6 days biking with 1 guide who speaks English or Hebrew.
+ Lunch-picnic with meat, fish, banitsa (borekas-bulgari) salads, fruits, and vegetables.
+ Drinks ( Beer, Coffee, Juices, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Energy drinks,
   Mineral water ) + Energy blocks
+ Whole logistic
+ Transporting the tourists and their bikes from one place to another

+ Transport from airport Sofia – Velingrad – SOFIA - airport Sofia.

Day 1: 
Arrival from Sofia airport to Velingrad - 2 hours.

Day 2:
Start from the hotel - Kurtovo area 1680m Velingrad 
route length-55km
singletracks - 11 km
Uneven positive 780m

Day 3:
Departure by bus from the hotel to Yundola resort - 30 min. Start from Yundola, Sestrino village, Pashovo village
route length 65 km
singletracks 13km
uneven positive 850 m


Day 4:
Departure by bus from the hotel to the village of Varvara. Start from the village, Sveta Petka village, Chepintsi locality
route length 58 km
singletracks 12km
uneven positive 950m
Lunch then departure to Sofia accommodation in the selected hotel

Day 5:
Departure by bus from the hotel to the Borovets- Sitnyakovo peak 1780m, Borovets bike park, Raduil village.
route length 59 km
singletracks 13km
uneven positive 870

Day 6:
Departure by bus to the village of Zheleznitsa - Sofia, on this day we will ride bicycles in front of Vitosha mountain.
route length 54 km
singletracks 14km
uneven positive 780 m

Day 7:
Departure from the hotel - Simeonovo village, Dam Iskar, Sofia-
route length 46 km
singletracks 11km
uneven positive 650 m

Day 8
Breakfast and departure Sofia airport

Every tour could be made easier or harder, shorter or longer, according to tourists' physical condition. Through scenic and mechanical walkways.
Every tour is connected with rests, lunches, and drinks. Every single tour is connected with crossing one of the most beautiful and famous historical places in Rilla mountain and Bulgaria.

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