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MTB Packages Bansko

Bike package with Electric Bicycles for All Mountain-A/M- Pirin Mountain and Rhodope Mountain BANSKO – Bulgaria

It includes:
  • 7 nights in Hotel Tane**** or Hotel Platinium**** Bansko full board + SPA
  • 6 days biking - with 1 guide who speaks English or Hebrew.
  • 6 days E-MTB Rental
  • Lunch - picnic with meat, fish, banitsa (borekas - bulgari) salads, fruits and vegetables.
  • Drinks ( Beer, Coffee, Juices, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Energy drinks, Mineral water ) + Energy blocks
  • Whole logistic
  • Transporting the tourists and their bikes from one place to another.
  • Traditional Folklore Night, which includes traditional Bulgarian food and music and dances
  • Transportation from airport Sofia-Bansko - airport Sofia.
  • According to the tourist’s wishes - trip in Sofia – shopping.
Cross-country tours are made around the most beautiful places in the highest mountains in Bulgaria-Pirin Mountain and Rhodope Mountain. Biking will be done on essential paths and rivers, also we are going to move through wood bridges. On some of the roads, we will use gondolas and buses to help tourists to achieve and enjoy longer the highest and the most beautiful mountain sights.
Pirin is the second-highest mountain in Bulgaria and seventh in Europe. It is located between the rivers Struma and Mesta.
The highest peak is Vihren (2914m)
Vihren is only 7 meters lower than Musala (the highest in Bulgaria).
Rhodope is the largest mountain in Bulgaria and occupies about one-seventh of the Bulgarian territory. The total area of the Rhodopes is about 18,000 km².
Home of some of the most attractive natural sightseeing. Here we will enjoy wild rivers and waterfalls, dangerous caves, old forests, big dams and amazing lakes. Going through the beautiful mountain villages, tourists will see how Bulgarian people live and they will enjoy magical places.
Arrival at airport Sofia, meeting the tourists, meet them with our Bulgarian team, travelling to Borovets- 2 h. We will start with lunch or dinner, according to flight and the day of arrival.
Day 2:
Bansko - Pirin Golf - Caves - White roads - Bansko
Cross country + singles
Departure from Bansko in the direction of Pirin Golf. Entering the forest, riding on trails and technical sections. Crossing the Ski Road and the Banderitsa River on rugged terrain.    Crossing the Demyanitsa River on a wooden bridge and heading in the direction of the White Roads. Final descent on the most famous descent route in the area - Tegata.
Route length - 42 km
 Total elevation gain – 800 meters.
Bansko - White roads - Dobrinishte - Dabovets - Bansko
Cross country + singles
Departure from Bansko, in the direction of Pirin Mountain, passing through a picturesque villa area, crossing a small stream, and entering the White Roads. The terrain is a wide dual carriageway and technical trails. Fast and dynamic descent to the town of Dobrinishte. Crossing the main road and entering the area of ​​Dabovets in the Rhodope Mountains. The terrain consists of wide roads and paths. Then - return to Bansko, passing two picturesque lakes on the way back.
Total length - 46 km,
Total elevation difference - 780 meters
Day 4.
Bansko - Banderishka Polyana - Chalin Valog - Bansko
Singles day!
Departure from Bansko (950 m above sea level), in the direction of Banderishka Polyana (1650 m above sea level), with an ascent along the ski road. From there, several consecutive extreme descents begin to the area of ​​Chalin Valog. Crossing several ski runs and heading in the direction of the White Roads, where the final two technical descents are located.
Total length - 54 km,
Total elevation difference - 900 meters.
Day 5:
Bansko – Dobarsko – Godlevo – Bachevo – Predela - Pirin Golf - Bansko
Cross country
Taking transport in the direction of Bansko - Dobarsko (25 km). Then it enters the Rila Mountain, driving entirely on dual carriageways. Passing through the villages of Godlevo and Bachevo, through the two most famous equestrian centers in the region, and two extremely beautiful lakes, from which a panoramic view of the Pirin Mountain opens up. Then - a climb to the area of ​​Predela along a forested, shady double road. Taking the road to Pirin Golf and Bansko, the trend is entirely downhill.
Total length - 45 km,
Total elevation difference - 780 meters.
Day 6:
Bansko - Eleshnitsa - Ortsevo - Babyak - Eleshnitsa
Cross country + singles
Taking transport Bansko - Eleshnitsa (20 km). Then you enter the Rhodope Mountain, driving along a double dirt road, in the direction of the villages of Palatik and Chereshovo, with the highest point being the highest village in Bulgaria - Ortsevo. From Ortsevo begins the descent and crossing through Babyak, back to Eleshnitsa. The route is dominated by technical singles. It ends at the famous St. Varvara mineral springs, next to Eleshnitsa.
Total length: 55 km,
Total elevation gain: 700 meters.
Day 7:
Bansko - Dobrinishte - h. Gotse Delchev - h. Mocharata - Tryonska Polyana - Bansko
Departure from Bansko, in the direction of Dobrinishte on a black dual carriageway.  Entering a wooded area, passing a small picturesque monastery on the way. Crossing two streams. The terrain is shady, with a tendency to climb. Getting to h. Gotse Delchev, from where the ski slope and the local lift start. Taking in direction h. The swamp, from which follows a slight technical descent. After the end of the descent, there is an ascent to Tryonska Polyana. From there to Bansko the terrain is all downhill, with predominant singles.
Total length: 57 km,
Total elevation gain: 820 meters.

Each tour can be made easier or more difficult, shorter or longer, depending on the physical condition of the tourists. Through scenic and mechanical trails. Each tour includes rest, lunch, and drinks. Each path is connected with passing one of the most beautiful and famous historical places in Pirin and Bulgaria.                       


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