Mountain Running

Mountain Running Program – Rila mountain Borovets – Vitosha mountain

It includes:

  • 6 nights in Hotel FESTA WINTER PALACE or Hotel YANAKIEV-full board  + SPA
  • 6 days of running with a professional coach
  • Lunch-picnic with meat, fish,banica(borekas-bulgari) salads, fruits and vegetables
  • Drinks (Beer, Coffee, Juices, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite + Energy drinks + ISOSTAR +free mineral water) +Energy blocks
  • 1 free lift pass
  • Whole logistic
  • Transporting the tourists and their bikes from one place to another
  • Traditional Folklore Night, which includes traditional Bulgarian food and music and dances
  • Transportation from airport Sofia-Borovets-airport Sofia
  • According to tourist’s wishes-trip in Sofia-shopping
  • Running watch
Arrival in Borovets, accommodation at the hotel. Lunch or dinner, depending on the flight. Getting to know the coach and discussing the training week. Distributing and setting the running clocks.
Day 2:
Breakfast: The training day starts from the hotel, a meeting with the coach, a discussion of the condition of each of the runners, and the run starts from the hotel. We will pass through the historic area, the Black Rock, where we will stop for photos and drinks. From there we will descend through the Iskar gorge, entering deep into a beautiful forest, to the ancient village of Shipochane. energy waffles. After the break, the run continues through Rideau Park, to the town of Samokov. Length - 14-28 km - height gained 200-350 meters.
Day3: Breakfast: Departure from Borovets by Bus to the village of Govedartsi - 20 minutes. Starting from the village of Govedartsi, we will go deep into the Rila Nature Park, the largest and most majestic park in Bulgaria. We will cross rivers and lakes and centuries-old forests, reaching the Iskar Dam. Length - 16-33 km. Gained height. 230-360 meters.
Day 4. Breakfast: Departure from Borovets by bus to the village of Zheleznitsa - 40 minutes. During this day we will run through Vitosha Mountain, we will pass through two of the largest waterfalls in Bulgaria. (Morenite and Skakavets). The day will end in one of the most aristocratic areas of Sofia - Boyana - Boyana Monastery. Length - 14-30 km . gained height - 150 -200 meters
Day 5: This day is provided as a day of recovery. During this day, we will visit and tour one of the most beautiful natural landmarks in Bulgaria - the Seven Rila Lakes. Then, at the request of tourists, everyone can visit the Mineral SPA Center-Sapareva Banya.
Day 6:
Breakfast: Departure from Borovets to Sofia - 50 min. During this day, we will run through the parks and streets of the capital Sofia. We will enjoy the beautiful parks and cultural landmarks of Sofia.-Length-13-26km. gained height of 60 meters.
Day 7:
Breakfast: We start from Borovets, with the Gondola Lift, to Yastrebets peak, -2400 meters. From there we will continue, running to Musala hut, and an ice lake, .- 2500 meters. and the Balkans - Mount Musala - 2925 meters. Length 11-14 km. - Gained height: 600 meters
New Cross Running Package
This program was created for those who enjoy running in the nature and love challenges. The Mountain running is one of the best healthy sports which develops the mind and the body of the Runner. Leaded by professional guide and qualified coach you will experience with this program improved running techniques, whole body improvement and increased aerobic hearth work. Meanwhile you will touch the magnificent nature of Rila and Vitosha mountains. Climbing peak Musala , the highest peak of the Balkan peninsula (2925m). You will discover the magnificence of Rila mountain. Following singles soaked with history, culture and folklore running between 18 – 30 km a day.
With the provided Running Watches we will try to give you the best Mountain running experience. The program includes a tour around the 7 Rila Lakes afterwards you will experience the hospitality of the mineral water center in Separeva Banq.
There is a possibility for a rafting in one of the resting days.