All Mountain

Bike package - All Mountain A/M - RILA Mountain Borovets and Vitosha Mountain

It includes:

  • 7 nights in Hotel Festa Winter Palace or Club Hotel Yanakiev-full board+ SPA
  • 6 days biking with 1 guide speaking Hebrew or English
  • Lunch-picnic with meat, fish ,banica(borekas-bulgari) salads, fruits and vegetables
  • Drinks (Beer, Coffee, Juices, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite + Energy drinks + ISOSTAR +free mineral water) +Energy blocks
  • Lift card
  • Whole logistic
  • Transporting the tourists and their bikes from one place to another
  • Traditional Folklore Night, which includes traditional Bulgarian food and music and dances
  • Transportation from airport Sofia-Borovets-airport Sofia
  • According to tourist’s wishes-trip in Sofia-shopping
  • Sim card for free internet connection 
7 days A/M-ALL Mountain in Rilla and Vitosha mountain-Bulgaria
All mountain tours are made around the most beautiful places in the highest mountain in Bulgaria-Rilla mountain ang Vitosha mountain. Biking will be done in essential paths and rivers, also we are going to move through wood bridges. In some of the roads we will use gondolas ang buses to help tourists to achieve and enjoy longer the highest and the most beautiful mountain sights.
Rilla mountain is the highest and oldest mountain in Bulgaria. Home of some of the most attractive natural sightseeings. Here we will enjoy wild rivers and waterfalls, dangerous caves, old forests, big dams and amazing lakes .In Rilla mountain, tourists will visit one of the biggest sightseeing in Bulgaria-The Rilla Monastery. Going through the beautiful mountain villages, tourists will see how Bulgarian people live and they will enjoy magical place.
Day 1:
Arrival at airport Sofia, meeting the tourists, meet them with our Bulgarian team, travelling to Borovets- 1h. We will start with lunch or dinner, according to flight and the day of arrival.
Day 2:The first day we start from the hotel and head to the foot of the mountain village Govedarci ,filled with landscapes trails we will reach to dam Beli Iskar. From there we go deep into the forest along the narrow paths of park Ovnarsko and we finish on hut Mechit. Route length -38 km,  single trails - 16k.m-Loss of altitude-1200 meter
Day 3 We take the gondola lift and climb  to peak Sitnqkovo-1745m.Start the riding from Sitnqkovo and hut Chakur voivoda .On this day we will ride on the royal road of King Ferdinand-park Shugavite. We will also pass through the area where King Ferdinand went hunting. Our royal journey will end in the historic village of Maritza. Route length-44km, - Loss of altitude-1400 m.
Day 4: Transport to village Mala church-20 min. We start from waterfall Beli Iskar and  hut Vada. We cross the mountain ridge passing through villages and we will visit the ancient sights. From there we will descend the narrow paths and so our day will end. Route length  36 km,  - Single Trails -15km Loss of altitude-860 m
Day 5: Transport the tourists and their bikes from Borovets to Plana mountain- 40 min. We start from village Plana-Yarema  and we continue to the beautiful old monastery Kokalyane. After visiting the monastery and the story of Father George about the history of the monastery, we descend the single paths to Lake Pancharevo -Sofia city .Route length -34km -Single Trails -14km
Day 6: Transport the tourists and their bikes from Borovets to Vitosha mountain- 40 min. We start from Vitosha- Dragalevci During this day we will enjoy the dense and beautiful forest of Vitosha Mountain. We will cross half of the mountain full of narrow paths and end in the village of Kladnitca - dam Studena .Route length 48km -Single Trails -30km
Day 7: We take the gondola lift to the top Yastrebest-2370m. from there we go to the Ice lake and the foot of peak Musala 2925m.After enjoying the beautiful view we descend on the famous single trail -The wild path and we end up in the town of Samokov. Route length -34 km. Single trails 26k.m 
Every tour could be made easier or harder, shorter or longer, according to tourists' physical condition. Through scenic and mechanical walkways.
Every tour is connected with rests, lunches ,drinks. Every single tour is connected with crossing one of the most beautiful and famous historical places in Rilla mountain and Bulgaria.